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Requesting Playtesters/Rule Readers for The Deck

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Hey everyone. I've been working on this game for a while now, playtesting it among my group of friends, and I think I'm ready to take it beyond them now. While they've given me excellent feedback, there's only so much advice I can get from such a small group of people.

I started designing this card game because I wanted a game for characters to play in a story I was writing. The story has fallen to the wayside for a little while though, as designing this game has completely taken over. I was thinking, what would it be like for there to be a deck of cards similar to the classic 52 card deck we have in the real world, where people could play a variety of games with the same cards? I designed the deck with multiple games in mind, but I added a few twists here and there.

The current version of the rules has 9 games to play, with a decent range of complexity. I'd like to get feedback on as many of the games as possible, but if you can only play one or two games, that's fine too. Every bit counts.

I've attached the PDFs with the PnP cards and rulebook. The cards in the PDF are pretty simple, for the sake of saving ink and whatnot, but here's what I have designed for a POD deck I wanted to use for personal playtests:

Let me know what you think of The Deck!

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rules/PnP link?

Hey humanehero, I checked out the images on imgur, but I don't see a rules link or file there or on your post. I had some problems with files not appearing when I posted my Good Shepherd game the other day, perhaps you are experiencing the same thing? Or perhaps I'm just missing them, but I'd be willing to look over the rules if you can direct me to them.

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Yeah, I thought I had

Yeah, I thought I had uploaded the files for them, but they didn't show up I guess. Here are some mediafire links for each of them though.


Thanks for taking an interest in my game!

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Rules swap?

Hey humanhero! Interested in doing a rules/playtest swap?

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Sure! I'm in the process of

Sure! I'm in the process of moving right now, but I'm moving back home, so I should have a pretty regular group of people to test with, if I can get them to give it a shot.

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cool, just started reading

cool, just started reading therules book. I already like the background and the feeling of the society in Austrum that is represented by the different "colors". And I like the music-magic idea.
The world design reminds me of Brandon Sanderson's books in the sense that a whole new society is created.

Now to the games :)

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for some reason I'm having

for some reason I'm having difficulty downloading your pdfs. The website glitches out when I press the download button. is there another way to get your cards and rules (email or dropbox or something?) If you could do that, I would love to give your game a try. Could you check mine out when you are finished moving and such?

Joined: 06/09/2012
New Links

Hey all. Finally settled in a bit after moving, so I have some stuff for you. Here are some different links for those who might be having issues:

If you click on the file, then click file, you should be able to download from there. I'm still interested in swapping games with people, and for those who've given me links, I'll start reading them when I have the chance. I'm still sorting some things out and whatnot, but I appreciate the help and I'm all for returning the favor.

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