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Joined: 03/18/2012

Hi I just completed my 4th draft edit on my game and I just wanted to ask for some feedback, I would gladly return the favor.

I initially scrapped this idea 4 times because I just wasn't sure if anybody would enjoy a game about stock markets. I tried to simplify it down so that it plays strongly as a Euro Game without making people's heads spin.

I want to know if the game rules are written clearly as I wrote this from scratch without referencing other rule books.

If the phases are understandable, and if the rules itself can be understood.

I think the third most important is, would this be a game you would be interested in trying. I mean the concept is that you control a hedge fund and you manipulate the market to your will to gain the upper hand on your opponent.

Any feedback, and I would be glad to return the favor.

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Joined: 01/31/2012

I had a massive post but apparently if fell off somehow.

Anyway here is the gist of it:

1) You need a board/company overview earlier in the rules, just to break down how things look and what you call them.

2) Change the "phases" to something else. Phases are parts of a turn or round, while in your rules they seem to be blocks or areas in a company.

3) Some language issues: like "NOTE: Price changes only occur AFTER the price change". This needs some repairing because is reads very badly. I take it prices change at the end of resolving a single "phase"/block? i..e you can sell stocks through your broker and then only after you got the money for those stocks does the price drop.

Hope that helped a little at least.

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Hedge funds frighten me

Hello leoknite,

after taking a quick glance at the rules, the following comes to my mind:

The placement of tokens is definitely a good thing and what I got out of the rules, it feels like a real Euro.
The rules are short and the concept of allocating Action Points perfectly suits the idea of stock market movements.

"I think the third most important is, would this be a game you would be interested in trying. I mean the concept is that you control a hedge fund and you manipulate the market to your will to gain the upper hand on your opponent."

My problem with the theme :
I cannot help it, but the idea of playing hedge funds just frightens me. This is something which I never would agree to play, let alone buy. If I would be offered a playtest choice, I would avoid playing this one at all costs. It is not only the negative connotation investment bankers have - it is also something which would feel like work for me. Please note that I
a.) am extremely bad at all things that have to do with math/economy
b.) mostly dislike any real-world-economy-related aspects
c.) stay clear from games which are based on mathematical correctness and computability.

In this regard, I might be the wrong person to give a feedback about your game.

With me, it works this way:
Do I like the theme ? If not, I simply do not go further to the next question which would be:
How complicated is it to learn the game ?

Sorry for the negative feedback :o(
I am sure that there plenty of other players who would enjoy the hedge funds idea.

I shall try to get deeper into your rules this weekend. What you have got so far is an awesome mechanism for an economical process. Surely it can be applied to any other, (in my eyes) more universally likable game theme ! Any chance for a re-theme ?

Joined: 03/18/2012
Thank you for the input, I

Thank you for the input, I have to go through the language a lot better. I have to go through it more with fine tooth comb, I'm now working on the 5th draft of the rules.

I'm still stuck on what to change the name of phases into.

I like games that have a system that I haven't seen or played that's what I look for when I make games. I'm still VERY uncertain about the theme of this game. A friend and I looked at the game and he saw the potential in the mechanic but he said what I have been saying, "How many people would look at a game called Hedge Fund a game about investing banking and drool." Even if I came up with a fancier smarter title like Wall Street or something its the connotations that surround it. I personally liked my system enough to not trash this game but the fact is I trashed this game fmultiple times. A friend told me the same thing, "I would never buy or play this game if I could avoid with a 10 ft poll." Not that he didn't like the game but the very idea of sitting around playing a macro economics game as well as taking the role of the devil themselves seems wrong to him.

In terms of changing theme. I thought about that too but I'm not sure where else to go with it.

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