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Hello all,

I just joined BGDF today. I am a new board game designer with my first game set for a September release.

I would love some feedback on my current rulebook. It is almost there, but we have identified some changes. Would love comments about the clarity of the rules and the graphic design if you have a moment, and don't mind helping out a scared newcomer who has jumped in full force.

Here is a link to the rulebook:

I would gladly trade my opinion on anything you would like looked at in exchange.



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Heya Rob! Nice to se you here

Heya Rob!

Nice to se you here man, remember to send a preview/beta copy to the other purplepawn editor so that he can do a nice review of cartoona :)

Also everybody, Cartoona is on Kickstarter and looks to be a fun little tile placing family game if you are any friends would be interested:

From strictly a design perspective Rob, the rule book looks really nice, I love the tiled back page as well mate, best of luck with everything!


Joined: 02/27/2012
Thanks Sam

Thanks Sam,

There are a couple things we plan to clarify, and we will be play testing hard over the next couple weeks, specifically to determine whether we should add tile and/or card limits to a player's hand.

Some enjoy collecting a large hand of cards, while others thing a limit would force more decisions and speed the game up.
I think this may be the last decision point on gameplay unless something glaring comes up.

I will be sending review copies out this week!

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