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The Scheme Crafter PnP - looking for feedback

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Joined: 05/19/2010

Hi Everyone,

I just put up some PDFs for the card game I've been working on for the past several months. It's a game of creativity and humour. I've got the rules and cards available at:

I would love to hear some feedback on the rules, or even on the whole game itself if you want to print it off and give it a try.

The basic idea is this:

You are an inventor-thief, breaking into some buildings in town, defeating security systems in each room, and stealing the loot at the end. You can combine items in your hand to come up with creative solutions, and you can even create new cards using blanks. There are no numbers in the game: all the decisions are made by a panel consisting of the other players. The winner is the person who gets 3 loot cards first. They will have to be clever and ingenious to get past the tough obstacles.

The game takes about an hour and works best with 3-5 players.

Thanks much!

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