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Am'Arin Miniatures - #s3ctor4
Sector4 the boardgame
Vaxty miniatures #s3ctor4

Hey guys,

We have been developing Sector4 #s3ctor4 for the past 1 year. Its a 2 to 4 player strategy boardgame CTF. We have a fully working prototype established aswell. We are in the process of playing the game with our friends and we would appreciate feedback from boardgamers here too.

We are looking to launch the game this year and if some of the people from the community want to play this, we would love to setup playtesting sessions in US.

Have a look at how the miniatures and let us know your initial thoughts aswell.

The website is under construction and I will post it as soon as we have it up and running, which should be just a couple of days

Much Appreciated

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I find it to be both sad and

I find it to be both sad and funny that your first post on a boardgame design forum is "take a look at the minis", rather than "take a look at our amazing game with innovative mechanics and engaging gameplay".

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I think theme and art direction are important in game design. I like the minis, they kind of remind me of the kobolds from World of Warcraft, that being said, looking forward to seeing more of what makes the game unique :)

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Dont be Sad

Will be sharing details. We are working on our website to get up and running and we will be sharing more content and more relevant gameplay.

It will be something unique. Dont worry :)

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Mini do look great, so

Minis do look great, so excellent job on that front. I imagine the rest of the components will look just as good.

What will make members here nervous is that you state that "we are in the process of playing the game with our friends" when we know how important testing with strangers and particularly blind testing is to truly "debugging" a game and making it truly work in all possible scenarios, i.e. designing an "unbreakable" game.

Playing with friends is a good start, but unless your friends are also designers and/or well-versed in testing and balancing a game, you'll need to expand your efforts significantly. Heck even if your friends are pros at testing, blind testing is always needed to make sure the average gamer can play the game just as well as your friends.

I'd say definitely do your US playtesting before launching; it's easy to get swept up in the thrill of launching a Kickstarter campaign, especially when you've poured so much time, effort and money into great components. Don't let the quality placed there only be destroyed by some small rule or scenario which renders the game "unsuccessful" at being fun, unique, engaging...or just plain working from start to finish.

If you're as close to a campaign as it seems like you are, perhaps post a gameplay overview or play-through video; that would get the most response here. Of course whatever you have to explain the rules and unique mechanics will also be welcomed.

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Joined: 06/04/2016

Thanks chris, we are definitely on our way towards the kickstarter campaign but you are absolutely right. We expanded our reach to boardgame arenas like Asgard games and are looking to gain a lot of feedback. The feedback we have already received, we have incorporated factors which make the game more interesting. As for sharing gameplay here, we will certainly do that and would cherish the feedback we get here.

As for the components and the board, we have left no stone unturned (optimistically stating) to maintain high quality on every single component. The other thing we are being really thorough about is the costs on manufacturing, and we are trying to get accurate quotes on all components so that we can run a plausible campaign and can deliver what we state.

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Joined: 06/04/2016
Check out our website

As promised, our website is up, leave your email for some direct updates

Your thoughts are appreciated

will be sharing gameplay videos soon

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Uhhhh, that's an awesome

Uhhhh, that's an awesome website. Did you build it from scratch or hire someone to do it? I'd love to have something like that when my game is read for it.

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we hired a website developer for the website framework but the artwork was done by ourselves and an artist

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Echoing Some Thoughts

Just a quick note ~ thanks for sending along the messages, which I've answered in great detail.

Also, just want to echo what Chris mentioned a developer, I don't feel comfortable unless the game has been play-tested at least 50-60 times. My last big effort, TAU CETI, received well over 120 play-tests across three states and 15 different players. Blind play-testing is critical, as players will not have immediate access to you, the designer to answer those questions.

When you're ready to take that step, let me know and I can provide you some excellent feedback sheets.


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