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Seeking playtesters for an abstract game (playable online)

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I'm looking for playtesters for an abstract game I'm developing. It's a tower building game with the object of building more towers than your opponent.

The game is a two-player game, playable online at

The game can be played online either in real-time, or with turn notifications.

Here's a link to the game rules:

I would love to hear your opinions, feelings and thoughts about the game.

To start a game online, click on the "new game" button. A game code will be generated which you can then text/email to another player. He or she can then click the "load game" button and enter in the game code. At that point the game is ready to be played in real-time with the option of entering email addresses for turn notifications.


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digital playtest prototype for physical game

Wanted to add that his final game will be a physical game and cross reference the BoardGameGeek thread where discussion of physical pieces is also happening.

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