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Solar Architect: Looking for Playtesters - Build Your Own Solar System!

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My name is Zach and I am looking for playtesters for my game Solar Architect. It is 2-5 players and takes 20 - 30 minutes. It is a drafting game where you are a deity building a solar system.

On your turn you either draft a card from those available or play a card into your solar system. The game ends when the deck runs out or a player has 9 planets in their solar system. The player with the most points is the winner. Points are scored according to where you play a card in your solar system. Some cards give bonuses for being the first planet, or being next to a comet, or being your biggest planet, etc.

The rulebook is available here:

Let me know if you're interested in playtesting. I can send you the files to create a prototype or I can ship you a physical copy of the prototype.

Thank you,

Zach Moore

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rules, but no deck. Kinda

rules, but no deck.
Kinda hard to play your rules without a deck.

Your victory conditions are a bit flawed. Perhaps you can do a little math trick where only 1 player will be having the most points at the end. But that would only work for 2 players. Most scores are even. But you will be having an odd number of odd scores that are certain to be played out.
Scrabble a bit on paper with scores, and you will see what I mean.

If you have exceptions to your rules, even a few. Try to get them explained more in the game than on paper. Imagine all the MtG rules in a rule book instead of on the cards. And you know it is a hassle to watch the rule book over and over again during game play.

I hope this helps.

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No deck

I apologize for not posting the cards. I do not go to these forums often and didn't know what to post. Here are the cards:

In regards to the scoring mechanism I am a bit confused what you are referencing. If you mean the tie breakers, after 30+ plays I have had only 1 tie. The tiebreaks are there because I hate games ending in ties, so I made sure there would never be a tie.



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Play test

I will be glad to play test it with my group would need a physical copy

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