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Space Station Disaster - Looking for PnP play test groups

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Hello potential play tester,

We are looking for play test groups for Space Station Disaster. It is a 2-6 player tile laying game. So far games play in about 45 minutes, if players don't stop for long conversations about designing expansions.

The PnP pdf is 14 color pages. 3 pages of rules and 11 pages of game components. It is recommended that you use a heavy paper stock for printing the components. In addition to the PnP file you will need one pawn for each player, one 6-sided die, and optionally a token to mark first player each round.

Play test groups would be asked to play as many games as possible and fill out a short online survey for each play.

If you are interested or have any questions please comment on this thread or message me directly.

Game Description

Space Station Disaster is a light strategy game. You and your opponents are building a space station by laying out hex tiles. But most of the tiles contain disasters like aliens, radiation, and fire.

Your goal is to use matching equipment cards to fix the disasters. If you fix a disaster you get a point. If you don’t have the right equipment you’ll have to run away or risk being injured and losing points.

The game starts off easy but soon you will be cornered by disease and mad robots hoping to draw a teleport tile to escape.

Through clever tile placement, strategic movement and a bit of luck you try and fix more disasters than your opponents before the space station is finished.

Thanks for your interest.

-Chris Anderson

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