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Still looking for help to review my game!

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Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012

I'm looking for playtesters to try out my new game "Henchmen!" and let me know what they think!

Game Info:

Players: 3-6
Time: 20-60min (the end game is "random")
Genre: Humor
Type: Family/Group friendly

Unique: The game uses a lot of different pop cultural references ranging from films like A Christmas Story to Legends of The Hidden Temple and even Dragon Ball Z.

Game is like: A mix of Munchkin, Dominion and a little bit of Flux.

Henchmen! is a fun game about the difficulties of being a henchmen in today's society. Henchmen are always being killed, shot, and hospitalized by both the heroes and villains! Now you're in charge of getting the henchmen work and keeping them safe from harm, while earning some money on the side of course!

Challenge your friends and family in this hilarious take on villainy!

Here's a link to the rule book:
Here's a link to the PnP:

Any review, pics, or vids you do/take will be posted on my site (which is also where you can find more information about the game).

As a thank you I'll also add your name to the rulebook!

Thanks in advance!

Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012
This is a shameless bump

This is a shameless bump because I would really appriciate the help and I know you guys will really enjoy this game!

Joined: 10/09/2013

Did you by chance edit your topic's title? This is the 2nd shameless bump by you this week...I'll have to consult with the other bump mods about this bump to see if it passes inspection. If not then your bump will be delayed as it runs through the processes here at the NBB (The National Bump Bureau). The process may take up to ten years.

Thank you and have a good day.

Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012
I'm still looking for play

I'm still looking for play testers. Please let me know if you're interested and if you have already printed off the cards from the links above. Thanks!

Team Gambit
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I'm bumping this! Playtesters

I'm bumping this! Playtesters needed! -Merry Christmas =)

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Thoughts on Rules Manual

Hi Zodiak Team and thanks for sharing your rules with us.

While I did not playtest your game, I did read the rules manual. Here are my thoughts:

* Overall, I thought that the manual was nice. Everyone has their own sense of style so I will not comment on the styling.

* Something to take into consideration is that the silhouette of the henchman meeple looks an awful lot like an old-fashioned keyhole, such as on the cover. This might give some people the wrong impression that this is a thief game (Oh, a keyhole with an exclamation point in it! Kind of a stealthy-thief action game!) when it is something other then that.

* Overall, one aspect that causes me some amount of confusion in a lot of rule sets is when people introduce terms without defining them first, such as on page 1 when Super Jerk cards are mentioned but not explained. A lot of card game players will likely read between the lines but I could see someone saying to themselves, "Super Jerk cards? What are those? Why haven't I heard of those before? What else am I supposed to know about them?" It's minor, you probably won't hear much about it but you should know about it if there are other similar such concerns that surface (The meeple sort of dovetails into that as well... "A Meeple is included in the set? How many meeples are there supposed to be in this game?")

* At the beginning, you may want to list the supplies that are included with the game so that people could see if they have the entire game (ex. 40 Job cards, 25 Tell Da Boss cards, etc.). You may also want to state the range of players for the game (2-4 players, 3-5 players, etc. - You provided some of that information in your post).

* On Page 2, there is an awkwardly-phrased sentence: "Each action can be used to in any combination of the following:". I'm guessing that the "to" shouldn't be there. Not a big complaint but I thought that you should know about it.

* On Page 4, the use of the word "Ca$h" (and, specifically, using the "$" to substitute for "s") might be a little confusing for some. I know that it is semantics but perhaps you could write something to the effect, "This icon represents money (called "Ca$h" in the game)..." Again, not a big complaint.

* On Page 11, all I saw was a black outline of a rectangular box with "Page 11" on the inside of that box. It might just be my PDF reader, though.

I don't want this to sound all negative; It isn't. I'm trying to approach this manual from the perspective of someone who both hasn't played this game before and who also might not be familiar with card games in general.

Again, thank you for allowing us to read your rules manual.

Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012
Thanks for taking the time to review it!

Thanks for reading over the rulebook for me and I appreciate your thoughts and critique! Also thanks for not mentioning all the typos =p

The "keyhole" is a running theme between my games and sort of worked out as a happy accident. Truth be told that design is only temporary. I wanted a simple template I could easily customize using MS Paint (since that is the only program I have on my work computer, in fact all of the art was made using MS Paint lol)

I do really like your advice on listing the game components so I'll definitely be adding that.

Also I agree with you about mentioning terms before defining them, that is why I added the page you can find the information regarding those terms in quotations marks (though upon further investigation I see that I wrote the wrong pages in those quotations).

I had a blind test play this past week and I found I should be added a few more rules defining when you can and can't play cards. Since the game's core mechanic relies on trust and the word of another player there has to be stricter policies on how plays should be conducted.

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We Playtest

Check us out at (please note the website is under maintenance but you can pretty much see what we do there.)

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