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Super Fantasy Brawl

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Joined: 12/08/2015

Hey Board Game Designers,

I'm happy to introduce the latest version of my skirmish combat game Super Fantasy Brawl:

Get ready for a fast and furious skirmish combat game featuring tons of bluffing, double guessing and mind games! Draft a team of 4 unique heroes and break some bones!

The 2 player game features a very innovative hitzone based combat system and a unique and engaging activation system. It can be played extremely competitively and rewards tactical thinking and anticipation of your opponent's moves. It is currently in a very good state and a major german publisher is interested and playtesting.

This link brings you directly to the Tabletopia Lobby:

I'm happy to show you the Tabletopia Platfrom and the game via Skype, if you are interested - please contact me via Geekmail or my Facebook page:
There is a free PnP version of the game as well to be found here:

More Info:

Mechanics Overview (pdf):

English review:

WiP Thread BGG


Pictures of the Tabletopia Version:

Happy Gaming!

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