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Testers needed - Aero Squadron - Print and Play

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Joined: 09/30/2010
Completed game

I have created a Print and Play Airplane fighter game and I am in need of someone to test the game and some input.

Aero Squadron
A Two Player, Table Top Airplane Fighter Game. So Simple, Yet so complicated!

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Joined: 09/17/2010
Thinking Digital

This could be a really fun and kitsch App if done properly. I really like the graphics and the fact that you have lots of little paper clip looking planes flying around. Now, if you could write a program that allowed them to school around your finger (like Pikmin), and each one has a slightly different set of properties (speed, direction of fire, evasion, etc...) as you fly across the iPad/iPhone landscape and shoot things, I think it would be a very fun, silly and marketable App. I can already imagine Fighter missions that require you to pick up certain munitions, accessories or reinforcements as you seek to destroy an installation guarded by anti-aircraft guns, tanks and enemy fighters. Of course, all of these things would be comical renderings of the real thing that look more like some sort of household item/scribble than weapons of war.

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