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Tips for finding Play-testers

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Hey guys.

It's been a long while since I've posted any projects here. Spent a long time shuffling through ideas before working out my latest game, which is in it's play testing stage. It's a free print-to-play dungeon crawler which draws themes from games like League of Legends and FF tactics, for the way they handle characters and battle system respectively.

I've already play tested the game a few times with a group of friends online with much appeal. Right now I'm gathering up friends in my local area to play it but it's going slower than expected. Any tips for building a gaming group?


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Go to your LGS and talk to

Go to your LGS and talk to the owner I am certain they would set something up for you to have a playtest night.

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Go to your LGS and...

Go to your LGS and...


I've been beaten! Anyway, I did this and the store set up a playtest night... we've had quite a few games from different people brought in! It's neat.

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Play Testers through Social Media

Don't forget to try your social media venues, such as Facebook or Craigslist. Post that you're looking for Play Testers and where you're centralized and see where and when people are available.

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(First post on BGDF...) I'm

(First post on BGDF...)

I'm in a similar situation. Almost everyone that I regularly play with has played my prototype, but I'd like "strangers" to play and give honest feedback. The FLGS idea is a good one (indeed - the owner of a FLGS just offered to have a shelf of available prototypes for people to come in and play!).

Several Facebook friends replied to a post I wrote after meeting with AEG Games at BGG-CON a few weekends ago, so they are now in the process.

Another option that I'd like to employ is the "quid pro quo" method:
I'll play your game if you'll play mine.
AEG actually recommended a local group - IN OHIO (not close to me) - that does just that. There are attendance requirements and all that. The in-person approach probably won't work for many.

I have play-tested PnP games on BGG a few times, but it felt rude to say after the fact: "Hey, can you play my game now?"

I don't know what it would take to get a mutually beneficial "play-testing trade", but here is my guess:

Between your game and mine, there should be
similar complexity
similar (minimal!) cost to print/cut/paste and/or ship components
comparable developmental progress/previous playtesting
comparable (and reasonable) play times.

Each should be willing to play and write about the other's game every so often (two weeks, maybe?)... I'm spending about 5 hours a week on my game.

That said, anyone want to do a "play-testing trade"?

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Play-testing exchange

Hey Chaz,

I might be interested in a play-testing trade, when I have something of a similar complexity to your game that is in the same stage of development...

I think that the problem is that when you see people actually playing your game, you learn a lot more than you do just by reading a response. You find out when they smile, when they crease their eyebrows, when they're confused or laughing. You can tell a lot better whether the game is fun, rather than just whether the mechanics work or whether they understood the rules.

I think the ideal would be to find a few other game designers in your area you might be able to meet up with occasionally to play through games and discuss them. The are two annual events designed just for this purpose - Protospiel in Ann Arbor ( and the new Protospiel in Milwaukee (forget where I read about that).

That said, anybody near DC?

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