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The Trials!

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Hello all,

I've designed a game that I've put through as much play testing as I can in my circle of players. I hope that by posting this game here, many of you can take a look and provide feedback on anything the triggers a spark.

The Trials
A legend tells of a Shrine at the bottom of a lake. Any soul that finds this shrine will be tested by the great beasts, and if successful - may be granted eternal power. But be warned, this trial is no feat for a mere one person.

Players face off against a series of great beasts to determine which player, if any, is the most cunning and deserving of ultimate victory. By combining cards to create an attack, players will battle to reduce the beasts health to zero, prompting a new creature emerge or the end of the game. A variety of card effects pits the players against each other while working together for a common goal. The player with the most points when all beasts are slain is crowned the victor.

You can check out more at!

Please check this game out and let me know what you think. The card design is nearly functional so any comments on design, from game to card, is desired.

Much appreciated

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Glad to see that you posted

Glad to see that you posted this here. Good luck!

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