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TTS / PnP prototype family board game for testing please.

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I've developed a game that I'd really welcome feedback on having had positive responses from family and friends. I've produced a Print and Play version:

(note you will need your own dice though)

The game is aimed mainly at families and groups of children, but I believe has enough to keep adults engaged as well.

A game should last about 30 minutes and the aim is to get your four counters back to your home before the other players do. The main difference with this game is that there is a board for each player but only one playing piece that you compete to move to your advantage.

I've also created a TTS version of the game.

This is the first time I've used TTS so I hope it is all working correctly. If you have any feedback on the game please use this form:

Or there is a feedback form in the Drive folder above.

Thank you all for any time you can spare to help me.


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What are your goals?

I looked at your game docs. I think the central mechanism of each player moving the same piece is cool. But roll-and-move is just a bad idea in most cases because it just limits player agency too much (If I roll a 1 every time and you roll a 6, I can't beat you). Also the strategy seems fairly obvious - move toward your own pieces and away from your opponent's pieces while grabbing what cards you can get to help you.

Stalemates seem possible? If player A, player B, and player C all have 1 piece left then each player can simply play to ensure the player after them cannot win. I think it's possible for the game to continue indefinitely, and there should be something in the design to prevent this.

Which leads to the question, What is your goal for the game? If you just want to play with your family, then it's fine. But I don't see this being viable as a commercial product. Hasbro/Mattel put out tons of low strategy/high luck kids games every year and I doubt you could compete with them in regards to quality and price.

Joined: 01/01/2021
Valuable points

Thank you, useful feedback. I've not seen a stalemate develop in play testing but you could be right.

My aim for the game at the moment is just to develop something that is fun to play with family and friends.

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