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A two-player trick taking microgame about deception and deduction

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I've designed a small trick taking game for two players which needs playtesters to try it out. The game uses elements of bluffing and deduction.

The game uses only 18 double-sided cards - six different suits consisting of three cards each. On the flip-side of each card are clues as to which suit the card may belong. Players will not know the value of the opponent's card until the trick is resolved, but can use the limited information on the card's reverse to deduce its possible values. Likewise, they can use this knowledge to trick their opponent into taking less valuable cards.

A game of two rounds should typically take around 10 minutes.

I don't want to give too much guidance, because I want to see if the rules in the P&P are clear.

I'd really love to hear thoughts and feedback, particularly since this is the first game I have made a print-n-play for.

US Letter size Print-n-Play (3 pages, black and white)

A4 size Print-n-Play (3 pages, black and white)

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