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Utopian Rummy - Cards available for those interested

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Thanks again for the help with the rules. I think those are fairly cleaned up enough that I'm cool releasing some card images for anyone interested. I've currently got them uploaded over on the 'geek:

As before, the rules can still be found here:

There have been a couple minor changes and a few examples added to the rules, but the majority is still the same. The base changes are:

I dropped it to 2-player only. Just didn't work as well with multiple players, and I'd rather shrink the audience than get bad impressions.

Since it's 2-player only, the only Job restriction is that you may only Initiate one job per turn. On the same turn, you can additionally play any Jobs that have already been initiated.

Anyway, if anyone actually is interested enough to try it out, I'd love to hear any feedback.

In particular, I'm trying to get the cards balanced in points, so I'd love to hear how often the winner of a hand had at least a pair of each of the jobs. My hope is that they'd come out to at least near balanced in the long run.

Keep on havin' fun!

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