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Want to playtest Dice Quest online using VASSAL?

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My card / dice game (temporary name "Dice Quest") is now ready for another round of playtesting. It's a light game involving a fair amount of luck, as well as tactical play and a little bit of strategy. Think "Yahtzee with resource collection in a dungeon" and you won't be too far off. It takes about 15-20 minutes per player (for experienced players) and can accommodate maybe 2-5 players.

I've put together a VASSAL module for it, which allows electronic play if you have the VASSAL engine ( Electronic play takes a bit longer (5 minutes per player?) than physical play.

The materials needed for blind playtesting aren't quite ready yet. In the meantime, the game is playable electronically if you have an experienced player to explain the interface and rules corner cases.

If anyone is interested in playing v3.2 of the game online (with me!), let me know and we can arrange a playtest session some time. I'll send you the rules and the VASSAL module shortly before the playtest.


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