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WarTiles - Tile layering game of fantasy battles

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An example of a less "generic" faction
Another example of a less "generic" faction
Another example of different factions
Example of 8 possible factions (idea #1)

Hey everyone! First of all, I must tell you that english isn't my main language. I always do my best so people can understand me but I apologize in advance if I butcher the english language a little. Thanks :-)

So, I present you WarTiles, a game I've been working on for a little bit more than 2 years.


Wartiles is a game about fantastic fights opposing the different empires of the World of Elaria. 2 to 4 players take control of one army and will use it during an epic battle having for only goal the be the only player with a hero still alive.

Each unit of an army is represented by a square tile measuring 1.5’’x 1.5’’. Those tiles contain many important informations such as the unit’s power (on each of its sides) and the different special abilities it may have.

Tiles are placed into play just like you would do during a game of Dominoes and each player will have to decide, when he places a tile, if he wants to consolidate its defenses or elaborate an offensive strategy against one of its opponent.

During their turn, each player recieves un certain number of command counters. Those counters will allow the player to do many actions such as placing new tiles onto the battlefield, initiate a combat with another ennemy tile or use special abilities. Those counters may also be used to draft spell and terrain tiles, allowing the players to shape the battlefield.

Combats between units always end up with at least one unit being eliminated (or destroyed). When a tile is removed from the battlefield, it is possible that a sliding happens. During a sliding, other tiles will move (individualy or in row/column) in a way that the vaccant space will be filled. In some ways, sliding might be just like the old classic video game: Tetris.

The turns cycle until only one player still has its hero alive. That player is then declared the winner.

So this is the big picture. The game went throught many changes during its development. I worked with other peoples on french forums and I came up with (I think) a very nice and unique game system with A LOT of place for expansions and new ideas.

I'm looking for playtesters and also your reviews. This is why I came up with a playtesting package (v1) that you can download and print to test the game out.

Rules and printable content:

Also, note that the playtest tiles supplied with this version are...meh!...I'm aware they suck. They are uninteresting, even boring but they are here to test out the game mechanic. You can take a look at the attached images to have a better idea of what I have in mind for the final version of the game.

I'd like you to ask as many questions as you can and give as many feedback as you want.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hey, thats great! Still have

Hey, thats great! Still have to check out the rules. But as I am doing a lot of design/layout myself I have to praise the amount of work you already put into the visuals of your game. Thats something not many designers do.

Keep it up.

-Fhiz (aka Tobias)

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Thanks for your comment. The

Thanks for your comment. The tiles' images are placeholders thought, but the rest is 100% original. One day, I hope to be able to get some original images for the different tiles, but I guess I will have to find a workaround before it happens.

I went "lazy mode" at some places in the rulebook but as many people here are designers, I think everyone will figure out how that game works.

Joined: 08/19/2013
Up! I didn't get any

Up! I didn't get any feedback. There must be some reason. I'd like to know them so I can improve my prototype!


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