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We want to play your games!

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Joined: 05/28/2013
Thank you

Thank you for the support. I have several coming over the next couple of weeks. A medieval area control game, a 4X space game, a 2 player oriental kickstarter, a skyscraper game, and more than that even. Almost everyday I get a request now to play another game. Even a guy from India is sending me his game.

And the website is now up and running. Nothing special, just a place to hold the videos for now.

Let me know if you have any advice on the show.

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Little Red Riding Hood: Full Moon Rising

Hi Jarek,

I have a 20 minute 6 to 10 player werewolf game. Could I send you a copy and have you playtest for me?


Thank you very much!


jarekrs wrote:
Everyone if you want to send physical copies my address is:
Jarek Smith
484 Maple Dr
Rexburg, ID 83440

for digital copies send to:

Please send me a notice on how you think your game would best be played. For example, tell me that you want us to play a 4-player game and a certain mission or quest.

Also if you have a kickstarter going we would be happy to announce it, or if you're going to be promoting your game at a convention we can mention that too.

I'm glad you're all excited and I'm glad to help! I noticed the need for playtesters when everyone is too busy designing and thought that we could try something new.

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Silent Fury

Jarek - hopefully I'm not too late to the party.

If you'd be willing to give this a shot, I'd be indebted to you. It would be awesome to see a video of people playing and critiquing the game.

For a rollicking good time, you can play There Will Be Blood, with two people per side. If you want to see the full rules in action, you can go with The Perseus Raid, two people per side.

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