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WEFA - 2-player Onitama-like (30-45m, Tabletop Sim.)

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Joined: 05/21/2019

I just finished making a digital prototype in Tabletop Simulator of a game that I've been working on for a while: Inagasi Tiles (formerly WEFA)

It's currently a 2-player Chess/Onitama-like game that looks more unwieldy than it plays. It's really not my SO's cup of tea when it comes to games so I'm looking for feedback from anyone who likes abstract-style games or games similar to those listed above.

If you've got a chance, I'd love any opinions, criticisms, and suggestions for improvement with this project! Feel free to hit me up here or on Steam with any questions about the game or rules and thanks a ton for helping me out!

If you can offer me any advice or critique on the rulebook, that would be appreciated also!

Link to the rulebook:

Link to the workshop page for Inagasi Tiles:

Screenshot of WEFA in action in TTS:

P.S. I have Print and Play files available if you'd like those instead!

Joined: 05/21/2019
Changes Made

If you've looked the game over, I really appreciate you helping me out!

I recently made pretty massive structural changes to the rulebook from comments gathered on BGG and reddit. I cleaned up a lot of the confusing wording from version 1 of the rules and removed all traces of a "Basic" version of the game, as well as re-aligning the pages to aid readability and adding elements to help readers understand the game at a glance. Finally, I added a title page and expanded the intro story to enhance the theme a bit.

If you get a chance to play or read the rules, I'd love to hear your opinions and criticisms, if you have any! Feel free to hit me up here, on Reddit as u/Apotheothena, Steam as Wulsibeyin, or on BGG as AcHughes.

Thanks again for any help you can offer!

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