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Where do I ask for/where do I find play testers?

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Joined: 10/08/2015

Is this the right place to ask for play testers?

Every group of friends I play test Mutiny! a card game helps to hone down the rules a bit better each time.

I'm trying to get the rules to the point so I can kickstart the game.

Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time for any input for a new game developer!

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Joined: 01/13/2016
Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator

I'd suggest putting your game on Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator and see if you can get people to play your game on there. Offer to play it with anyone and everyone who is willing to take the time to playtest it with you.

Another idea is to find a board game group in your area, and after experiencing a few game nights bring your own game to be tested with those interested in playing.

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If you're to a point where

If you're to a point where you can send out a prototype you may consider our play testing service:

Also, if you can send us a prototype soon you can reserve one of the 5 remaining slots we have for a free experience. We will be launching the full service in January, at which point we will begin charging for the service.


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Rules is just the start...

Please don't do like some other designers that just "went ahead and hoped that the best would occur"...!

Kickstarting a game is a very complex process. And having "Game Rules" is just the beginning. Although Game Rules have a "recommended" format, you could start by introducing your game in a Blog or Forum thread (don't send us the rules just yet)... And see what fellow designers think about your game.

NEXT I HIGHLY recommend "The Game Crafter's" "Sanity Test". It costs $30 USD and the reviewer of your rulebook will be critical and help you organize your rulebook to the best possible format. It may well take 2 or 3 tries to get a score of 70%+... This is an acceptable score. So expect to spend $60 - $90 USD for that service.

Once you go through the "Sanity Test" - NEXT I would provide a link to your revised rules. Since someone has taken the time to PROFESSIONALLY review them. They should be in GOOD ORDER for designers to read through them.

It's fair to ask Designers to REVIEW a GOOD rulebook. Not to have everyone proof-read your rules format and not be in a coherent format (for example)...

When you get a review of your "sanitized" rules... Then the designers can make sure there are no remaining errors or issues with your rules.

The point I am trying to make is that EVERYONE should use "TGC"'s "Sanity Test". The service is invaluable and I've done it for my game... And although it was frustrating making changes to conform... Those changes were/are NECESSARY to getting my rulebook in better order.

Next step is: "Have you done blind playtesting?" I can offer you two (2) services for this. When you get your report from either/or... You'll know if the game is ready "FOR REVIEWERS". That's right, don't wait until "last minute" to get a review. Pick-out who you want to get your game reviewed and contact them... You can ask for a "review" of your pre-Kickstarter version of the game.

Once you have gone through the reviewers, you should have some good things to put on your page about your game... Remember reviewers are BUSY people too. It could take 1-2 months of waiting for a review. That's why you need to PLAN ahead and make sure you give yourself enough time.

If you get positive reviews... You can decide NOW if you want to Kickstart ALONE (not recommended - but it is an option) or find a smaller Publisher who will work with you towards doing the Kickstarter together. They should bring to the table 1,000+ backers from previous campaigns - don't settle for less... Otherwise your game will get a very poor performance on Kickstarter. Nowadays it's getting HARDER and harder to make it on KS unless you are a studio or producing miniatures or have a bank of e-mails to contact for a NEW game.

From that point - you should be in good shape ... understand what you should and shouldn't do...

But this has just been my experience, your mileage may vary.

Best of luck(!?) with your game.

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Hey cybulskina!

I had to create a Meetup to finally have enough playtesters for games in the St. Paul area. It turns out there are a lot of designers in the area who have signed up and we all get really good feedback from each other!

I like the Tabletopia idea, if you can get people to play there, and then comment. It's free if you have only one game. And, it's pretty easy to use and looks pretty good!

Another option is to ask your friends if they know anyone who is a good writer. Even if they don't usually write game rules, they can be a really good resource. Maybe especially if they don't write rules. I have a friend of a friend who is a technical writer and he was kind enough to help me out and pointed out a lot of "obvious" things that I didn't see because I was so close to the project.


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