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[WIP] Deckville: City of Cards - Euro-style card game available for testing

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Deckville: City of Cards is a euro-style game of card drafting, hand management, and resource development. You are helping to build a city by playing cards from your hand onto the table in front of you (your district). Building resources (such as Wood, Stone, and Brick) helps you build properties (such as housing, restaurants, the Courthouse, and so on). Properties provide victory points and special powers. The player with the most Victory Points is the city's top developer!

Game Info
Players: 1 - 4 (solitaire rules are included).
Time: 30 minutes per player. (Less, with experience.)
Difficulty: Medium; you’ll have some thinking to do.

Play involves card drafting and hand management. Each card can be built into your district as a resource, as a property, or simply discarded to pay the expense of taking an action. Cards built as properties provide victory points (which often depend on other properties that you or your opponents have built), and some provide special powers that give you advantages.

I began this design as an exercise to see if I could pack a euro-style “economic builder” into a pure card game, with no board and no extra bits: just cards. It has been working well and I’m now on version 9 of the deck and rules, and ready to expose it to more people. I would be grateful for any and all feedback, positive or negative!

PnP Info
You will need to print 108 cards: that’s 12 pages of cards at 9 cards per page. The backs aren’t important and can be blank. If you want to try just the two-player game, then you only need to print 7 of those pages. The rulebook is nine pages long, or five if printed double-sided. Everything is formatted for US Letter pages, 8.5x11”. You can print in black-and-white, but we recommend color.

Full instructions for printing the deck and rules are included in the download package. All files are in PDF format.

Still interested? Good! Then click here to download Deckville and get started. Thanks!

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Trade reviews?

Hi our game zoomaka also needs play testing perhaps you would like to trade reviews & play testing? here is a link.

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