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WIP Two Deck Siege (Solitare PnP) - looking for feedback

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Joined: 04/10/2012

Hi all - Rocco here, designer of PnP WIP PRIVATIZE ( and BGG/BGDF fellow with a new game I'd like feedback on: TWO DECK SIEGE.

Two deck siege is pretty simple: A solitaire mostly card game that can be played with 104 cards (and some tokens). No dice. It's part tower defense, part resource management, and part deck building.

It's currently solitaire only, and once you get the hang of it, playable in 30-45 minutes.

I've written it, done some pre-lim testing, and am now putting it out here for all you learned folks to look at and bang on.

Unlike PRIVATIZE (and other things I'm writing) I'm sort of not expecting this be anything other than a PnP game. I've got some placeholder art (for now). But it's interesting, a fun challenge, and a fun game.

If there's any interest, a "third" deck add-on would give the ability to add 1-2 more players as co-defenders with various roles.

Here are the files (the only version is a low-ink version):

I'd love some feedback. The only thing I ask is to not suggest things that add more cards! Right now the challenge, for me, is to stick to 104 cards or less. Replacing cards, adding more to the cards, or adding more rules are all fine.

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