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Would any one like to print and playtest a WWII espionage deck buildling game?

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Name: uSpy
Player: 2-5
Time: 30
Age: 10+

uSpy is a WWII espionage deck building game for two to five players. In the game, each player acts as the director of espionage of a WWII major power, and the goal is to infiltrate enemy Headquarters, then to steal technologies and money and to place moles inside enemy spy Networks.

After seven rounds or when one player has three or more enemy moles on hand, game ends. Each player then calculates victory point acquired, plus number of mole placed. Finally player with highest victory point wins. In case of a tie, player with most mole placed wins.

Rules and prototype can be download here ...


Thank you very much for your time


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Joined: 11/08/2009
After last weekend's playtest

After last weekend's playtest session at SoCalPlaytesting group, prototype version 3d is completed with updated cards and rules. VP is now added to the cards and ten mole cards (two for each country) are added to the game.

In addition, five "Action/Breach" cards are added to the game to keep track number of action taken.

Finally, an advance rule "Breach" is added to the game for a different end round experience.

If you would like to playtest uSpy, please down rules and cards on

Thank you for your participation.

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