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Writing Rulebooks

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I have finished making a game that requires no solid pieces, only printing out sheets of paper and cutting out counters, cards, etc.
I am pretty much at the state that I could post it online and give links to the downloads, but the one thing my game still lacks is a good rulebook.
I can easily explain the rules to my game to friends and such when I play with them, but it's difficult for me to convert it to a comprehensible text form that people can read and understand.
Does anyone have any suggestions for writing rulebooks, or possible other ways out of my problem?

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Would you consider a "how to play" video posted online somewhere?

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I can recommend
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Start by.. writing. Put the

Start by.. writing. Put the rules down, the way you might explain it. Then look at grouping rules by topic, and then focus on figuring out what needs to come first.

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One way for you to approach

One way for you to approach rules writing would be to record yourself explaining the rules to someone. Have someone who doesn't know the game but has enough trust to tell you when something is unclear. You won't get it right at the beggining but that's where firther polish comes in.

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Get somebody to ask you

Get somebody to ask you questions about it after you've made a first draft. Whatever the questions are about are things that need more emphasis or explaining.

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thanks for all the

thanks for all the suggestions! I will try all of these if I can.

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