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Zeppelin Strike - 2+ Player Dexterity War Game Seeking Playtesters

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Zeppelin Strike is a 2+ player dexterity game I've been diligently working at for a little while now. I've tested it to death myself, and with my wife, but I'd love to hear the opinions of people who aren't me! I'm still refining the rules, so even rules feedback would be phenomenal (especially suggestions about which kinds of graphical diagrams would be useful, and clarity and comprehension checks).

The game uses different dexterity mechanics to resolve different things. Flicking is used to move your Zeppelin's around, flicking on a "mini shuffleboard" is used for resolving cannon attacks (you need to land the disc within the appropriate target circles based on range to score hits), a flicking battle game is used to resolve boarding attempts and a cube-drop is used to resolve damage from ramming.

The play, minimally, you will need a ruler, 5 coloured 1inch discs, a handful of euro cubes, a few 1/2 inch discs, a table and to print some cards and the resolution boards (you can track your ship statistics on paper, no need to print the chits if you don't want to). You will need to affix stickers or labels to the discs (you can just print on plain paper and tape them down).

Rules Here:

Components Here:

If you want to get into the game with minimal effort, use the following file (this is two pre-made Fleets, so it gets you into playing the game immediately without having to get into fleet design):

Thanks to anyone who takes a look!

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I saw this on BGG and

I saw this on BGG and instaloved it. I'll have a look through the rules and maybe put together a set soon.

Just judging by theme and mechanics though, um, you seem like a pretty cool person and we should probably hang out.

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