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Advice describing unique game mechanics

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I'm currently writing and laying out the the rule booklet for a card and dice battle game.

The problem I'm having at the moment is that while the rules aren't overly complicated, there are a number of new concepts that when put together is becoming overly wordy - and I'm afraid that may turn off some folks before they see it's actually not that bad in practice.

The central game mechanic is about resolving a battle between two armies, and while this is a fairly quick operation while playing, it's become a bit cumbersome to describe.
Partly due to a number of possible steps that may or may not happen in a battle, and partly due to not really having anything convenient to compare it to.

Complicating matters somewhat, is that there are a number of unique symbols in the mix. Now the new player doesn't actually need to know the deeper implications of them all, just whether or not they match what's been rolled on the dice. Still, it becomes another layer of complexity being thrown at them all at once.

I'll have a sample up for people to look at soon, but in the meantime, I guess I'm looking for general advice on how to best describe new concepts.

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How about these ideas?

1: Write down every single turn in numerical order.

2: Draw out every single turn then add the sample rolls as a foot note.

1: Example : If first roll matches the damage or defense follow:
step 2.

2: Example : If first roll does not match damage or defense follow :
step 3.

3: Or combine the first two ideas together.


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