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Mishmash: Galaxy - Proofreading Cards and Rules

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Hello! I'm still new here so I hope I am doing it right... To the topic!

I am currently working on cards and rules for my newest game, Mishmash: Galaxy, a game about Sci-Fi Tropes and Cliches with mild retro vibe. There are two types of cards in the game - Technology Cards representing classic techs and gadgets every Sci-Fi setting needs and Substance Cards, resources to complete making the technologies, named after popular materials and made-belief substances in various Sci-Fi settings.

Thing is, as much as I try to keep my English clean and easy to comprehend, it's not my native language, and keeping a good, clear wording on the cards /and/ in the rules is quite a struggle as my feedback already indicated.

Here is the Google Drive file with both Technology and Substance cards:

And here is the file with rules:

I'd appreciate any help - proofreading, hints, advice, what to spell out better ... Thanks in advance :)

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