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Proof-Reading request for first draft of card game.

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Good morning folks,

Attached is the first draft of my card game rules, if you have time please take a look and be brutal. It is pretty minimalist so let me know what areas need further explanation or illustrations to support the rules.

You and your opponent are necromancers who summon undead minions to defeat your opponent.

It is a halfway point between Pokemon Cards and MtG. Imagine Pokemon cards but with no prize cards, no bench, no trainer cards, no item cards, and you may have three minions out at any time instead of just one.

In addition, like MtG you have a pool of energy cards instead of attaching them to the minions, and like MtG the players have a life-total that you are trying to reduce to zero to win.

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"Each player begins with

"Each player begins with twenty Life Points. When one player’s Life Points are increase to 20 that player loses, the game is finished, and the other player is victorious."

Should read: Each player begins with twenty Life Points. When one player’s Life Points are reduced to 0 that player loses and the other player is victorious.

- I personally think the cards, as they are now, are difficult to read, due to the scratchy text and the lack of delineation between abilities.

- 44LP on a minion seems high. Reduce values across the board to make numbers smaller/more manageable.

- Having players draw a card at any point during their turn is clunky. Make it mandatory to begin a turn by also drawing a card. There is no reason you wouldn't draw a card first in order to properly plan your turn.

Broad design thoughts:

As your description above states, Nevera Wars is definitely a mix of Pokemon and MtG...which isn't a strong selling point. When I see games try to be a mix of two different games, that's only exciting if the new game also attempts to fix many of the perceived design problems that occur in both games. Nevera Wars doesn't fix mana and doesn't fix evolutions. These are problems because cards rely on mana in order to play/use abilities, and evolutions rely on previous iterations in order to be effective. These issues create the problem of bad hands. Only so much deck tweaking can mitigate this.

I'd recommend you think of ways to solve these issues. Maybe discarding cards from your hand to be used as mana, which helps make evolutions you can't play less detrimental to your strategy? Do evolutions need to be in a deck? Do you even need a deck of cards?

Gameplay wise, an optimal strategy would be to focus each attack on one minion until it dies because there's no reason to spread your damage. Are there ways you can encourage other strategies?

I hope this was of some help!

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Hi there! Thank you for all

Hi there! Thank you for all the in depth feedback and suggestions.

The cards themselves are about to be completed overhauled by a graphic designer, so hopefully the newer versions will solve a lot of the issues. The image quality in the rule-book is terrible too so I apologize for that.

I too am concerned about the Life Point totals, and will work on reducing those.

I like the idea of being able to use minions as mana instead, maybe even replacing dedicated mana cards entirely and players can play any minion face down as a mana card opening up more options and eliminating some bad-hand issues, I will look into that as a new direction.

The optimal strategy of focusing attacks on one Minion is (in theory) countered by evolving it, so if you pile damage on to an opponent's 22LP minion, and before the killing blow they evolve it into a 44LP minion, then you still have another 23 or so damage to deal to it. This should hopefully encourage a little more diversity in strategy.

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