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Prototype rules and Box back cover for review if possible - only 3 pages total

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I have a Couples Conversation Type Game, designed to connect people and build physical and emotional intimacy. I've had many people playtest a rough game and now want to finalise the rules for proper prototypes for blind testing.

I've re-written it about 15 times and had other people look at it too, but changed quite a few things over time. I'm hoping someone can read my latest version and see that it makes sense or highlight any obvious things.

The layout and pics are rough but I want to check and change before I pay my graphic designer to make it look good and while it will no doubt change after blind testing, the less re-designs the better.

I've attached the pdfs and if you prefer another format let me know. Be ruthless please and thanks in advance for any feedback.

Draft Rules and Draft Box Back attached.

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If you're at that stage...

...I'll be happy to tighten, clarify your text. Just send me an editable file. If the rules are still in flux, it should probably wait. Some of my designs are shooting for a broader audience as well, so I know the urge to over explain, or at least extend one. (e.g., three images and text for separating, shuffling and making a face-down deck of the four True/False cards)

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Word docs attached - Box back and Rules

Thanks 'Mosker'. Very much appreciated.

The rules and box are my final draft (best I can do), hence my call out for help from more experienced designers. They are now attached to the post.

I have purposefully chosen more images as 'a picture says a thousand words' and my graphics person will greatly improve on my rudimentary attempts. I welcome your feedback though.

On the rules, I was also thinking of putting 1 or more QR codes in there (colour attractive ones), linking to a video of how to play and the basic rules for these that don't seem to want to read these days.

The game box QR code will also be customised to look good, and it links to a page that has several options eg. How to play, Rules, Family Friendly games, Facebook link etc..

Thanks again for helping.

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