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Redstone Rulebook Revision

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Hey guys, I'd like some help going over my rules for a casual wargame. I stopped working on it a little bit after my first prototype but got back into the swing of things recently.

This is my original rulebook for reference,

and this is a link to the new version,

Capitalization and bracketing are for my reference.

I'm not only trying to revise the old rules. I'm trying to make the game as a whole more streamlined. Any comments you might have would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance, 3

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I think a lot of us would be

I think a lot of us would be more willing to help if you asked specific questions about how to proceed, like your previous post about a modular board. I remember posting entire rulebooks here looking for feedback and receiving little to none. That's a big time commitment.

Why do you want to streamline your game? What aspects don't feel right to you quite yet? What are your goal with project?

My specific question is: how do you offset the massive disadvantage of having one of your characters die?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I

Thanks for the suggestion.

I wanted to streamline my game because, when reading over the older version, I found that there were rules that felt very clunky. Or bogged down the game unnecessarily. When what I want is a faster game over-all a lot of the things I had at first didn't seem to fit.

For example, in the older game your character had three sets of Actions. 1 Attack Action, 2 Move Actions, and 1 Normal/Blank Action. Mana was also a stat that used to be represented, but in playtesting I found it was just a second barrier when trying to use an ability. You'd have to pay your appropriate Action for the specific ability, then pay Mana equal to its cost.

Now there are only normal Action points. Each turn a character has 4 to work with. Similar to some early FFTactics games attacking ends your turn universally and you get one or two moves depending on your class/skill loadout. I liked that system and tried to incorporate it in these new rules.

When rewriting the rules I had the most trouble sorting out Range. In the older game it was very undefined, and there were a lot of questions regarding it. I tried to make things more specified here...What I came up with makes sense in my mind but I'd like to know if it's understandable to anyone else.

As for your question I'd try to mitigate that a bit through character balancing. In this type of elimination/war game I don't want to incorporate "comeback mechanics" into the mix. Losing a character is huge. That's why I want to make a system that encourages strategy and in-depth squad building.

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