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Scheme Rules (Print-n'-Play to follow)

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Howdy all,

Last week, I promised to post the game rules I had been working on for my mad scientist-themed game, now called Scheme!

The below Google doc link will allow you to read the rules for my creation. Fear not, although it is 9 pages long, most of that is formatting (hopefully helping the reader understand better how the game is played).

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide.

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Hi! It would be useful to

It would be useful to access the print-and-play-file so that you can understand how the different cards are designed.
Love the theme!

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looks good

I like how the rules play on the theme throughout. Yeah Print and Play will help see if everything plays out on paper, but sounds good, the theme is fun :)

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Sounds fun

The theme sounds fun, and it's certainly infused in the rules document.

After reading the designer's note about turn order, could you get the best of both worlds by making the rule: "If you have more points than every other player, you must keep the first turn marker. Otherwise pass it to any player you choose." That would be suitably villainous.

You could probably come up with a better name for the Machine deck. "Nefarious Devices", "Villainous Schemes", "Infamous Mercenaries", or something like that.

Is there some other way to balance the Mercenaries without making special cases? It is usually preferrable to avoid special cases. Maybe increase the cost, or decrease the power, or put a maximum number.

All the best for your game.


Joined: 07/03/2013
Thanks, everyone!

I'm glad you liked my rules. So far, no one's said anything about being too long, incomprehensible, poorly-thought-out, or filled with grammatical/spelling errors. Since this is the internet, that's a good sign!

I'll post my cards (and my excel card template) hopefully in the next few days (assuming that my sister-in-law's wedding doesn't turn out to be too crazy...). Should I start a new thread to share that, or would a design journal/blog be better?

Edit: kos, I like your idea. I'll implement that the next time I play!

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