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The 12 Towers - Updated artwork

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Joined: 06/11/2017
bgdf example weapons updated1.jpg


Recently I started reworking some of the artwork for my game' cards. After a few trial and errors, I came up with these. Here's what's new/reworked:

- Correct size of cards and images (originals were 2x size and I didn't catch it. Images had to be resized and a lot of detail lost)

- Larger, cleaner font type

- Added drop shadows behind items (this is by far my favorite part.)

- Detailed sphere for item damage number (rather than a flat circle)

Let me know what you think, and/or what can be fixed! Thank you! I'll have a 100% completed demo with title text and numbers later today.

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They look ...

Very nice! The only "negative" comment I would have is the "color" for the various weapons makes the card look less "attractive". Not all, some look more subtle... But, for example, the "BLUE" and "RED" cards look too pronounced of a color.

Specifically MOST of the cards with the "lighter" colors look better than those with darker colors. Having a 2nd look I would try to lighten the weapons for: Red, Blue, Brown, Black, Purple and Green.

The "Black" one is special since it's glow is colored unlike any of the others... I personally like this version of the card less.

But the remaining other half of weapons in the LIGHTER "tones" ... LOOK REAL COOL! I'm not saying the darker ones are "bad". Just that the weapons would probably look better in a lighter tone too...

Some of the "nicest" ones are the Cyan colored one with the "Circle", the Grey "Dagger" and the Sand "Sword"... Again this is only one (1) designer's perspective. I'm sure you'll get a lot of positive feedback.

IMHO they all are "nice" ... I just feel the lighter tones "stand out" more than the darker ones.


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