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For all you prototyping fanatics out there....

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I love making a high quality prototype! (perhaps PnP is a better term as prototypes are 'unfinished')

One of the best ways I have found to make a quality folding game board is to use chipboard, bookbinding tape and avery full size shipping labels. By alternating placing the tape on the front and back of the chipboard (on the seams) and then putting the labels on the front side only you can quickly create a gutterless folding board.

Seeking a way to increase the durability of the board without reducing the quality of the image I recently found an excellent self adhesive MATTE laminate to apply over the label image.

The problem with most laminate sheets is the bad glare but these sheets have almost no shine! The finish is similar to a laser printed image.

Also applying this laminate to both sides of 110lb card stock, printed on both sides, and then cut out, makes for a great card.

That site even has leather textured laminate for an interesting look.

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For cards...

Lately I've been printing the front and back on separate sheets of 110lb card stock, cutting and then sleeving. It's a little more work but I really like having custom card backs as well as fronts. And the feel of two 110lb card stock cards in one sleeve is really nice. Sturdy, and just the right amount of slipperyness.

FWIW, Catalyst Game Labs told me that when people send submissions of card games, they prefer to receive word docs that are formatted to a specific Avery label (something that makes card-sized labels) that they then print off and adhere to regular playing cards.

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