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Anyone need an artist?

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I was wondering if anyone needed an artist for their board game? I am not a professional artist but keep art up as a hobby ( alongside board games that is!) and would love to design some artwork for a game.

If anyone's interested let me know!


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say what?

Are you nuts? EVERYBODY needs an artist! Expect your mailbox to fill up by the end of the day. If you had posted a link to some samples of your work [and how much you charge], your mailbox would be full by noon! ;-)

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How can I contact you for artwork?

I have a boardgame that needs artwork. I can be reached at

Joined: 11/17/2009

Traz wrote:
Are you nuts?
- haha probably!

Will try to set up something in the next couple of weeks to show some examples - maybe even a website :-) As for how much to charge - I guess that would depend on reaching an agreement as to what is fair. Like I said I am not a professional artist - just a hobbist. I self publish and sell decks of playing cards but haven't tried to offer my services as an artist before! Exciting stuff. :-D

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