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Are Boards for Pegs to Costly?

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I'm considering player boards that would accept pegs, similar to Battleship or Dark Tower, but I'm concerned about the relative cost of such a game piece. There would be need for 20 boards, about 5"x10", thick enough to accept the pegs. The alternative is a heavy cardstock board, where players would place small wood tokens, similar in size to colonists in puerto rico.

I guess the thicker boards for pegs would be the equivalent of punch-out pieces, to get the thickness needed, and that's what has me worried. It seems thicker board like that would be pricey, for so many, at such a large dimension.

Can anyone weigh in on the cost of doing boards that can accept pegs like this?

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Boards for Pegs

The real question is what kind of volume do you want to achieve for these boards?

That will drive your choice of technology and unit price.

We've done custom holes in boards for small volumes by laser cutting the hole pattern. It works, it looks good. But it's not really practical for higher volumes. If you want to do it yourself, buy a die cutter and a custom die. You can do a chipboard version that way. Or you could do it in plastic (like some Battleship sets) if you want to go to higher volumes.

It's all about the volume you plan to produce.

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The cost of peg-able boards

This is a really expensive idea.

How many holes are in the boards? One of the problems with thicker chip board ( especially if there are a lot of holes ) is that you would need a really high tonnage die cutter to get through the boards. Another problem is it can really distort the board and the holes from trying to put so much pressure into such a small area.

What is usually done if there are a lot of holes close to each other is that they will be drilled. This requires a drilling jig which can really bring your cost up.

How many holes do you need in a board that size? If you can give a little more info I can try to suggest some alternatives.

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