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Art Freebies: Requests

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As many of you may know, or not know, I am a freelance artist and am currently working on a marketing campaign with a friend of mine. I am creating free art assets for a limited time to try and help a competition we have entered and would like to ask you all what art assets you would like me to make.

So if you want some free art to help spice up your prototypes or use in other projects please make some suggestions of what you would like me to make below and I will start to work on the assets.

Generally speaking the more useful the art is to a wide range of members the more likely I am to make it.

Some Examples:
- Icons for showing play time, number of players, etc.
- Icons of dice
- Icons of a sword or a shield

The art will be free to use in PERSONAL or COMMERCIAL projects, with the limitation that you can't resell the assets directly of course.

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Four characters

i'm looking for four characters for my game. Should be mugshots, if possible.
If you're interested, let me know :)

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Exchange of services

First and most importantly, how are you with sprite(small) scale artwork? I could use some sprites and may have an offer that leaves both of us with benefit.

I do a great deal of writing in my free time and would love an exchange of services. I could do some writing for you, perhaps flavor text or short stories etc. In exchange you would provide me with a limited amount of artwork. MOST of the artwork could be derivative as I have a collection of CCO (creative commons) material to work from. You would be looking at no more than 10 sprites.

In exchange I would be willing to write several pages of material, creative quotes, flavor text for equipment-monsters-etc. Whatever you like. As it just so happens I recently posted some material here that could serve as an example of my work. This was completed in roughly 2 hours based on a pre-existing theme I was working with at the time. It is completely unedited but does give some concept of capability and style.

Please let me know if you are interested. I would love to have access to a capable artist. It is literally THE roadblock which halts many of my game projects.



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Joined: 07/26/2008
Sorry the campaign period is

Sorry the campaign period is over and I am currently doing several other projects at the moment. Hit me up again in a few weeks and I might have some more time to spare :)

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