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How would you go about making art for a cardgame. The actual design layout of the cards is all done, I just need pictures and I dont mind if they're less than stellar but I want them to look uniform (if thats the word I'm looking for) in their style. any good resources for that out there. No way I can pay an artist since I've got over 50 different cards in the game.

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I use Paint.NET

I use Paint.NET to create the cards. For the artwork, I simply use Google Images to find what I'm looking for. This works fine for me for prototyping. I know what you mean about wanting things to be uniform in their style. You don't want clipart for one card, and a photo for another and a 3D rendering for another, etc.

I'm not sure what to do about that myself. I tried using paint.NET to create pencil sketches of each piece of artwork. I was hoping that would give me the uniform feel I was looking for, but some artwork doesn't convert will to pencil sketch. I tried other effects, too. No dice. For now, I'm just using a hodge-podge of styles because at this stage, it's all about playtesting and messing with mechanics. The artwork is just a placeholder for now.

Good luck!


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I use GIMP

I use GIMP. It is a free graphics program:

I then find images I like and open them as a background layer. I create a new layer with transparency set to 75% and then I draw over the original image and make any tweeks I want to make it unique.

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aye. i did the google image

aye. i did the google image thing but i decided i actually liked that less than no pictures at all. even though each pic was good by itself, I felt the difference in their style dominated the cards too much.

The ideas of adding filters to them or making simple overlay copies are good though. thanks for the tips.

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A lot depends on the theme or

A lot depends on the theme or subject matter. I tend to use wikimedia commons for more historical themes. For example, you can find series of old paintings by the same artist or simlar styles used at the time. I've used a series of paintings on the hundred years war and medieval french sketches of castles.

Other times I use the advanced image search on google. If you want some nice textures you can try spiral graphics. Its free if you reference them.

I also use which was also free. Its very user friendly. There are a lot of extra tools you can download. The effects you can add can add some consistency to your images.

Hope this helps.

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