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Artwork Feedback

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Hi guys, I'd love some feedback for some artwork for a game I'm working on.

The game is called Hydras and is based around players competing to build the hydra with the most heads. Each player starts with a body and add cards to their's or their opponent's hydra. There are other mechanics involving cutting off heads, using fire brands etc. but I don't want to get in to the details of that. Right now I'm just looking for feedback on the artwork.

Here are some samples of the card faces:

And here are a few ideas for the card backs:

What do you like, what do you hate? How can I make it better?

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The artwork is good if it is

The artwork is good if it is a light game. I like back # 11 best.

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Very neat

I like it a lot. I agree that #11 is the best back, although I might put a shadow text Y behind the hydra Y to complete the visual.

I think it's cute, legible, and looks like fun. You might want to go with a slightly more detailed or more intricate texture for the backgrounds on the card front and back, as long as it doesn't conflict with the hydras that should be featured for the game mechanic. Very cool, though - looks like it might be a really fun game depending on what it is you're doing with all the connections.

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Draklorx wrote:
What do you like?

The concept fits well with the artwork. It looks like the theme and the gameplay will tie very nicely together, rather than being tacked-on. That is, given a hand of cards a player is naturally going to start trying to fit the heads onto the body without even being told the rules.

Draklorx wrote:
What do you hate?

That I don't have a copy.

Draklorx wrote:
How can I make it better?

I'm assuming that the main image on the card fronts page is an example of gameplay.
If so, it seems out of place that the head on the lower left is below "ground level".

I'm with the others on #11 back being my favorite, though you could also try a combination of #11 with #3 to see if that works.


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The fifth front image made me

The fifth front image made me laugh out, and overall the art is pretty good and from what your game sounds like, it fits perfectly.

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