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Awesome new prototying tool

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I saw this on kickstarter and thought it is an amazing tool for doing really quick special piece prototypes. There's a ton of ways I could see this speeding up my process, and making higher quality pieces at the same time. The kickstarter still has a long time to go and is already funded.

It's basically a 3d printer in a pen. Watch the video for a better description.

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Done. I already got in on it. Got an email from yesterday. Looks sweet!

Maybe a stupid question about it... but would it be able to fill a 2 piece mold? I know it cools quickly, and people are yelling about temp control. But anyone suppose it could be used in this manner? If I could make an ezmold of smaller pieces and make it almost like an injection mold would it work?

We will see what happens in 30 days. I might back out as 3D printers will be popping up this year for under $500 for sure. I have to hit the rumor mill up first.

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Doubt it

I don't think you would be able to do so unless you know someway to keep the plastic from hardening so quickly. The whole idea for molds is that the PVC or resin used has a curing rate of 10min - 12hours (depending on the volume and thickest areas, plus the type of resin used). This is a very very broad range, I know, but because of the thin output and quick curing material, mold bigger than a d6 might start to cure before you fill and you'll get a ton of air pockets. This is just from my experience making and casting silicon molds.

As for the 3Doodler, I got one as well. Pretty interesting device. I'll be using for things like miniatures and building up on existing designs. Not sure how well it works for freehand 3D drawing... but I will definitely make the best of it.

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