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A bit of work on the "Public" version (This should be complete)

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To make things very simple. And giving my card game a rest.
I have been working on my "public" version. Which is an overly simple version of my proto-type game.
Some elements of the card game are also in this "public" version.

With all the new insights and testing. And also preventing weird overkill effects. I made a new table for design in a spreadsheet.

Since the public version is designed to be a board game instead of a card game. The board should be very about no hexagons, but rather a random design?

There is different elevation. Which has effect on the accuracy of projectiles. Each difference is a subtraction of 1 on a d6.
And a subtracion of 1 on the weapon range.

A region can hold only X in worth.
For movement, there are ramps that allow for less X.
Regions that are hard to move through also have less X.
The maximum allowed units? No more than around 24. But the total limit is less than what the game provides. So, the player has a chance to combine properly.

5x5=25, so for 2x24, another army is 23.
Chances are, costs can be 0.5 as well... Not sure yet.
But 2x11.5 would be fun to add to the game.

There are no attributes so far.

Not sure if I should add bases. But a HQ build on top of a resource spot should be sufficient. So, a building, is simply a base... Maybe I make it more detailed. But I don't see the point anymore.

The health and damage values go in duplications.
1, 2, 4, 8 etc.
Basic accuracy is 1/3th.
The defender ALWAYS decides on the landing of the projectiles.

3 projectiles of 1, cost the same as 2 of 2.
Where 3 projectiles of 1 can kill 3 units with health 1.
2 projectiles of 2 can kill only 2 units with health 1 or 2.
The 2 projectiles of 2 can kill an unit with health 4.
A simple RPS now.

Going for, yet again, Dune design:
(1.0) 1; infantry and anti personal weapons.
(1.5) 2; troopers and light explosives.
(2.0) 4; light vehicles and higher caliber guns.
(3.0) 8; medium vehicles and cannons.
(4.0)16; heavy vehicles and rockets.

Each faction will have all weapons. But only 3 types of armor. So 3x5=15 different units max. Some might have multiple weapons.
Then 3 walls.
And some defences.

Where a binairy peg system is in place. The last tier has room for 4 flame's on the body. (Think lego style)
Flame's go in worth of 1, 2, 4 and 8.

That's it. All I have to do is design the armies.
With a total worth for the army in mind when determining the worth.

I can take any map. And put lines on them with numbers. Which represents the regions with how much worth fits in.
For elevation, I print the same map. Cut out what is higher. And paste this on the other map.

The 2 little gaps:
The ramps....idk yet. Advice on this for when I prototype the game?

step 1 is only a HQ on a resource region.
step 2 is having a harvester on a resource region with the base providing 1 refinery.
step 3 is adding in barracks and factories while the HQ becomes a CY, but I don't like this step unless it is really only a barracks, light factory and heavy factory. And thus making the total of structures 5. Walls will provide extra protection.

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If 1 faction

In a sense, Dune 2(000) has most units designed in the same way.
I could add a couple of units as a faction.
Then again, small variations are also possible if it comes to movement, accuracy and attack range.

Maybe I got too much types of armor and damage. This is a personal creep that I keep falling into.

3 has always been a magic number.

Should I do 1, 2 and 4 health?
Or 1, 4 and 16 health?

Or maybe having an absolute minimum in designs?
Where I keep the tiers for both weapon and health the same. Except for 2 cases where I switch them or add them.


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Obvious solution

I know!!!
4 factions.
4 tiers of armor and weapons.
Yet each faction is missing 1 armor type.

16 different designs.
Each faction has 12 designs, of which many or all are copies.
Maybe some specialists to be added.

For Dune, the tiers of armor?:
123 Ordos
124 Sadaukar
134 Atreides
234 Harkonnen

Tier 2 can be troopers and/or light vehicles.

Ordos doesn't have Heavy armor.
They have infantry and troopers. With weaker weapons than the Sadaukar. The raider is thebother light armor. Then most tanks only have medium armor.

Sadaukar doesn't have Medium armor.
Their light armor will be troopers. In contrary to other dune games, they will have infantry. But these infantry will be like the troopers, but then a support design. Meaning a bit more range and accuracy, while less armor. All tanks are heavy armor.

Atreides doesn't have Light armor.
Their trike will have medium armor, just like the quad. Although the quad will have a more expensive weapon, which beats all trikes.

Harkonnen doesn't have infantry.
Why would they??

Seeing the combat mechanics. The Harkonnen have the worst fodder. While the Ordos have the worst tankers. Atreides and the Sadaukar would be relatively slower. But they make it up with either long distance weaponry or very durable units.

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4 houses and?

Each house is missing an armor type.

What if other houses (or people) can fill in this armor type?

Fremen would have tier 2 armor. And thus fill in this armor gap nicely for the Atreides.

Other houses (or people) used in the games are:
- Thelaxu (tier 1?)
- IX ( tier 3?)
- The Guild (tier 4?)
- Smugglers (tier 1 or 3?)

There is a list of over 30 houses though... But I think I would stick with the used ones as well.

Anyway, the tiers are only an estimate on their durability.
I honestly don't see the Thelaxu chilling with the Harkonnen. Nor do I see any one else doing this, except for the sadaukar.

Somehow, IX should end up with Ordos. But that would mean, they are tier 4, if they really are to give Ordos the best advantage.

I don't know. Perhaps I should add multiple armor types to each subhouse instead?

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I changed my mind

The thelaxu do have tier 1. This because they create ghola's. Which might be a great idea for fodder.
The designs should be as such that the ghola's are exactly like the Harkonnen troopers. But since they are tier 1 armor. They are slightly cheaper. The Harkonnen kan now choose.

Ok, tier 1 and 2 are covered.
2 houses: Ordos and Sadaukar(Corrino) need a buddy.
Now 3 subhouses/people remain.
Smugglers, IX and the Guild.

Only 2 of them will have the tier 3 and 4.
I certainly want IX to be part. I see them siding with Ordos, so they get tier 4??
So it is between the smugglers and the Guild. And idk if the smugglers would side with Corrino. Nor do I know if the Guild would.
I prefer the Smugglers though.

One might wonder. Why not make the sardaukar as subhouse, that would support Corrino? And reduce the number of houses to 3.
Then the armor types per house would also be reduced. Leaving only 2.
But there would be need for only 3 subhouses.
Yet the total subhouses to choose from would be 6 now.

If I where to do that. I get:
12 Ordos
13 Atreides
23 Harkonnen

1 Thelaxu
1 Smugglers
2 Fremen
2 Sardaukar
3 Ix
3 The guild

Instead of 3x4=12, 12x4=48 and 4×4=16, thus 64 minimal designs.
I would get 2x3=6, 6x3=18 and 6x3=18, thus 36 minimal designs.

Might actually be a good idea?
Lets see which 6 units as basis each house gets.

Rifleman, grenadier, kindjal infantry, quad, combat tank, rocket launcher...
Oof, that is a very small margine.
I would like to add at least the mongoose, minotaur, sonic tank, trike, siege tank....and the apc which would be an apt.

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