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Boardgame Supplies for Australians

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I am trying to do a print and play as a learning experience before attempting my own game and I am looking for a store that can sell decent quality parts for games.

I understand that a prototype is supposed to be work in progress, but I am looking at making custom games for myself and my playgroup, more than just getting something to playtest on. So these will be as close to final as I can make them. While if they are good enough I may look at publishing... this is not the goal.

Anyway, as I am pretty new I am looking for resources to buy parts. Namely little wooden discs of various and preferably colours as well as "Euro" style cubes and cylinders.

I am planning to print on adhesive paper and then cut them out and stick them the pugs... I am hoping to find a place that sells all sorts of cool pugs in different sizes and with luck colours. I am not opposed to plastic, but I think wooden might be better.

I live in Australia, so if the internet store was Australian that would be perfect.

These are some pugs a mate of mine (whom I am not longer in contact with) used to make DUNE.

This is the kind of thing I am talking about, as in wooden pugs of different sizes, though plastic is usable as well and might be easier to get in different colours.

This website is exactly what I need a internet store called Print Play Games. The problem is that it is in America and the shipping charges to Australia are extremely expensive.

So I am looking for a store that has parts like this in AU... if anyone knows any

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH

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PrintPlayGames Parts Cataloger -

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I feel your pain

Have you had a look at

They're in Germany but the shipping is quite reasonable and they have all kinds of great stuff.

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Howdy! Good question, I'm


Good question, I'm really keen in some of the answers you get.

Some resources I've found:

Milsims ( have a whole stack of unbranded accessories, such as 8mm & 10mm wooden cubes, bricks, carrots, plastic brains (unfortunately, on back-order), and other miscellaneous goods.

There's several companies that do custom accessory cutting, such as and The latter cuts as much as you want from a sheet ~ 600mm x 300mm, for $25. So you could get a fair few meeples or discs cut out of a sheet that size.

Good luck!

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