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Board/paper type (material)

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Does anyone know what board is used for games like monopoly, scrabble, snakes and ladders etc?

Also what paper is used, is it glued on, how is it printed.

How is the board bent, so it folds up?

Im only designing/making one


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multiple types of materials

- The "board" is made from what they call "Chipboard" or "Davyboard"
- The textured backing (sometimes) is called "Buckram" - this is the name of the stuff they leather-bind books with.
- The face of the board (where you have your art) can basically be any material, but pick something thin enough to fold over the back of the board, and opaque enough so that you dont see cardboard.

one thing to note, is that the "weight" (pound) of paper/board is a measurement of basically how dense it is.
"POINT" is how thick it actually is.

other than that: this should help:

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last one didnt have pics

here is another one with pics.

i dont use the iron on laminate at the end, though.

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irdesigns gave you some good

irdesigns gave you some good resources, though I would actually suggest that if you're just going to make one, get a cheap boardgame from a goodwill store and put opaque label paper on top of it, it will save you a lot of effort.

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