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Bulk Order: Blank 19mm 6-sided Indented Dice (5 colors)

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If you are interested in Blank, 19mm 6-sided Dice with Indented Faces, I am bulk ordering them in 5 colors from the UK. They should arrive within a week or two (Waiting shipping confirmation).

The colors available are: - Red - White - Blue - Black - Yellow

Link to BGG.Com's Picture of Dice

I will be splitting the order with a number of people. If you are interested in these dice, which are great for custom games as the stickers do not peal off or get worn due to the indention of the face, please contact me here with how many sets you want.

A set includes a 19mm Blank Indented 6 sided die of each of the 5 colors (Red, White, Blue, Black, Yellow). The prices below includes shipping to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Anywhere further and I'll have to price the shipping.

Available (Includes Shipping): - 200 Sets of Dice(1,000 total): 250 USD ($0.25 / Die) - 100 Sets of Dice(500 total): 150 USD ($0.30 / Die) - 50 Sets of Dice(250 Total): 75 USD ($0.30 / Die) - 25 Sets of Dice(125 Total): 40 USD ($0.32 / Die) - 10 Sets of Dice(50 Total): 20 USD ($0.40 / Die)

If you are interested, please reply here, via Personal mail, email( or on BGG with the number of sets you want.

Thank you for your time,

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Indented Dice

That price seems high for blank dice - did you try Koplow here in the US?

Blue Panther

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Except for d4s, Koplow

Except for d4s, Koplow doesn't have blank indented dice.

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As mentioned, Koplow doesn't

As mentioned, Koplow doesn't carry indented dice except for d4.

I looked around and could only find them for a higher price than I'm offering them for.

They key difference between these dice and other cheaper blank dice is the fact that these have indented faces. The indention on the face protects the sticker/marking you apply resulting in the sticker lasting longer and not peeling off to skew the result of the roll.

If people are interest, they'll buy them. If they feel they're too expensive, that's fine as well. I'm not in a rush to sell off the dice. I use the heck out of them. Just something I wanted to offer to people in case they were interested. I looked around and couldn't find a place that sells them cheaply and in normal quantities so decided to simply bulk purchase.

Thank you for bringing up Koplow, they are an excellent company.

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The Dice are in

The dice have arrived. 250 Sets(one of each of the 5) have already been separated to go out to people. That leaves roughly 500 sets remaining if people are interested. Once again, there is no rush.

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Can I get some?

I'm interested. I don't need that many, just want to create a few sets of 'support' dice for Descent (mainly Treasure Chest and Encounter rolling dice). I need 6 black, 6 white, and 6 yellow. Do I have to order blocks of 10 or can you do a custom order like that?



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Due to changes in the world

Due to changes in the world wide market place, mainly the costs of plastics and shipping, I need to update the prices a bit.

- 200 Sets of Dice(1,000 total): 300 USD ($0.30 / Die)
- 100 Sets of Dice(500 total): 180 USD ($0.36 / Die)
- 50 Sets of Dice(250 Total): 95 USD ($0.38 / Die)
- 25 Sets of Dice(125 Total): 50 USD ($0.40 / Die)
- 10 Sets of Dice(50 Total): 25 USD ($0.50 / Die)
- 5 Sets of Dice(25 Total): 15 USD ($0.60 / Die)

A set of dice includes 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue, 1 Black and 1 White die.

Please note that these prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. Shipping outside the US is a little bit more.


In addition, since last year, I've added a new set of colors as well.
I now have:

This "Second Set" of dice follows the same pricing as the first set but includes the 5 new colors instead of the 5 original colors.

If you have any questions, please mail me and I'll get back to you asap.

Also, if you're going to be at BBG Con, please let me know in advance if you would like any dice and I'll bring some with me so that we can subtract the shipping.

If you just want to grab the dice online, you can go to the following website:


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