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Burrowed Playtest

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Joined: 10/10/2018

Hey all,

After a few months of building, edits, playtests and whatnot, im finally at the point where i need public input on the current status of my game. Ive made a VERY simple PnP copy of the game that uses minimal ink. Once ive got some good input from the public and nothing drastic needs to be changed ill then begin building on the artwork and making it all pretty (i should state im currently using google search results artwork).

The game is called Burrowed and is a 2-4 player tile movement game. Players aim to be the first to reach a certain amount of points, collected by burrowing rabbits and collecting carrots, all while trying to avoid the farmer that moves around the board.

The files for the PnP -

The Survey Questions -

In return for playtesting my game and completing the survey, i would be more than happy to playtest your game for you. Likewise, if you were only able to read the rules and have a look through the files and give me your input i would be happy to return the favour.

let-off studios
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I hope to have time to look at Burrowed this weekend, parah7. :)

Joined: 10/10/2018

Thanks let-off-studios!

If you have any issues with either the printing or the playtesting, let me know. I have already had some feedback which was great and have begun to playtest the suggestions ive received already, any input will be graciously accepted and taken into consideration.

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