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Call for photographic donations!

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Not sure where I ought to put this thread. Hopefully it's okay here...

So, the game I'm working on at the moment requires lots of photographs for the card designs. The original prototype was made using anything I stumbled upon via Google images but this time around I want to make sure everything I use is copyright-free or used with permission from the relevant copyright holder (and, crucially, for free - I'm broke right now).

I'm currently sourcing images through various free-image websites, but I'd like to get hold of some stuff with a more personal touch and more eclectic subject matter. So, if you have any photographs lying around on your hard drives which you'd like to donate towards this cause, please send them to the following email address:

There really are no limitations on content; objects, animals, people, food, buildings... literally anything (and the odder the better). Thanks in advance!

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Can you tell us anything

Can you tell us anything about the game concept?

Also, if I were to send you pics, what size/resolution do you need?

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Are you searching Flickr for free-to-use photos?

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The game concept is very

The game concept is very open, really. I'm trying something pretty atypical, in that the game itself is more of a prompt for absurd debate than a rigorous rule-based affair. The scope is therefore pretty far reaching. A photograph of a jam jar is of as much potential use to me as a diagram of a cow. The only real guidance I can give you is that subjects ought to be either interesting or comically mundane. Medium resolution ought to be fine - these images will be finding themselves on typical-sized playing cards.

And no, I hadn't realised that Flickr hosted public domain images. I'd always assumed the copyright would automatically lie with the user who uploads the image.

Also - does anyone know of any good sites for sourcing old public domain images (stuff from the 1800s and suchlike)? I've been trying to work out whether any photograph taken before a certain date is fair game but can't find the relevant legal waffle so I thought I'd play it safe and find some which have been specifically made available.

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I've found Wiki Media Commons

I've found Wiki Media Commons well worth a look if you haven't been there already. Very irregular admittedly in what's on there though so quite hit and miss.

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