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Card Art vs Card Design

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As my game Little Heroes grows in strength with continued playtesting, the character designs have started to be created. It is a long process (the game consists of 100 cards, 30 of which have characters).

However, in my journey through creating this game, I'm coming up against quite the design obstacle. Designing the actual cards. My artist is talented at characters, but I need aid in the overall design of the cards. I'm currently trying to meet up with someone who might be able to help, but he's quite poor at keeping in touch and I'd rather not work with someone who isn't able to update me when needed. Been down that road before and it's far too frustrating!

So I'm wondering, do you guys have any tips for card design? I will be creating a detailed prototype via TheGameCrafter and then if I can land the funding, going for a mass production form China. Is there any sort of drag-and-drop software out there (for free) that I can make cards with? Or should I continue the drawling search for a designer?

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One thing you need from *professionals* you design your game is *reliability*. You need to make sure they can stick to a deadline and meet it. You can't afford working with someone if you cannot know when they will be available to work with...

I know some other designers are working on certain specific types of projects and so sometimes I ask if some people are interested in working together. Out of great respect, I get very honest responses. For example, when I needed someone to help with the design of my rulebook I reached out to fellow designers. It took two (2) designers before I found someone who had a little bit of time to read my rulebook and to comment.

And so I agreed to give him free copies of the game... because he helped me out by reading my rulebook.

If you are in need of a Graphic Designer, which is what you need, they can usually draft a raw concept within an hour or two (2)... That's about it. It may then take time to *refine* BUT you will already have an idea what the cards can look like after a couple of hours...

So that's my tip to you: find someone who can give you *sample* layouts in a couple of hours (1 to 2). That means you sending out an e-mail today and receiving the samples tomorrow.

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Availability is the key!

After shooting a quick message or two to a few friends, I've possibly found one who will be a lot more reliable than my previous link. I'll be meeting him in two days to discuss the whole project, so hopefully by the end of the week there'll be a decent bit of progress.

I think you're right QuestCCG, availability is the key.

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