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Card Backs - Which one do you like the best? Your opinion counts.

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Joined: 01/20/2017

If you would please let me know which one of these you like the best, I'd appreciate it. Also, you may respond with "I don't like any of them" as well. A simple response with the number is fine with me and appreciated.

The Odd Fox
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Overall I think I like #2 best. Initially #1 grabs my attention, however, I'm not sure I'd want the back of my cards to be as attention-grabbing as that.

Joined: 01/27/2017
Worthy of the gods themselves

Any of those would look nice and professional. My personal preference would be the text of #2 on the background of #3 (or #2 without the bright arcs directly behind the text).

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I like the background of #3,

I like the background of #3, but the type treatment of the title would have to change. I think for a card back something less flashy, and more sophisticated would look really nice. Maybe the card back has a flat title treatment?

Glass shoe games
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#2 is the best. I don't like

#2 is the best. I don't like 3 at all and #1 is hard to read.

I Will Never Gr...
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Agreed. #2 is best, if you

Agreed. #2 is best, if you can make the logo/text stand out more than it does.
#3 is completely unappealing imo and #1 is far too flashy.

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Like most people have said #2

Like most people have said #2 seems to be more interesting. #3 is a bit bland and #1 a bit too busy.
I agree with the previous comment that the logo could stand out a bit more. Maybe it's just a matter of a bit of white overlay on the background to tone it down a bit.

Joined: 01/20/2017
Thank you for the feedback!

You guys are wonderful! Thank you for your selection and comments. #2 is overwhelmingly the best option. I also put this up on facebook and and 9 of 11 were for #2 as well.

I read each comment and based on the feedback here and on facebook I am going to go with #2 and lighten the text to make it pop a little better.

Gods of TYN HARRA is almost finished and I am so excited! I am just waiting for the rest of the art to be completed and from here on out it's getting the instructions and box design complete. I should be ready by the time Origins rolls around and will be there playing with anyone interested.

Thank you again to everyone!

Mike Hopper

Joined: 05/10/2017
I think #2 looks good except

I think #2 looks good except that the text has far too much contrast - those dark shadows and bright highlights make the text nearly unreadable at a distance, at least for me.

I think homogenizing the text into a much more solid color (closer to the color of the highlights) will give your logo a more stable appearance and be readable at a distance - something which might help with product recognition.

As far as the layouts/backgrounds, yeah, #2 all the way!

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I do like the 3rd, the other

I do like the 3rd, the other 2 has too much going on, sometimes simple is the best route

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Font seems to be OK on #2. Is

Font seems to be OK on #2.

Is this intended for KS? If so, I'd strongly suggest hiring a graphic designer (all backgrounds can use some work). If not, any of them is perfectly fine.

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"I don't like any of them."

My quick, simple answer: "I don't like any of them."

My explanation:
In a thematic game, I prefer no text on card backs, in general, unless it is important for game play. The text on card backs reminds me that I am playing a game and distracts from getting lost in the game's world. For that reason, the card back I prefer could be a cool design or icon or landscape that represents the world and helps to connect the player to that world thematically.

I agree with what ElKobold said: if any of these are meant for production or marketing purposes, consider getting a GD to look take a look at these. Also presenting them on black background makes them a bit difficult to read.

Are there any icons that are used on the face of the cards that can be put on the back? What is the use of these cards? Can that be incorporated into the design? Is your game's logo finalized? Can some symbology be incorporated into the logo that can be placed on the card back. (For example, look at the Hearthstone card backs: the cards cleverly incorporate the swirly "O" as branding but it is an abstract icon, not text, and is used as an tool to tie the cards together as part of the same game system.)

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If there's text at all...


Easiest to read. No way to #3--but that's my personal unease regarding acronyms (from studying in the Soviet Union to the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act.)

Curious how they look with just art.

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I say the text on #2 with the

I say the text on #2 with the back ground on #3. Two just ruins the eyes.... it seems blurry.

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