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Card Templates for Illustrator etc.

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So I would like to make cards that can be cut out of card stock. (9 per sheet). I am looking for a nice template in illustrator or any program that can do this. I found a good template from, but it has only one card preset in the file. I am only an amateur at using illustrator, so maybe there is a way to easily make this one card template into a 9 card one?

If anyone has a good template that is easy to use, I would love to get it.


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Multiplying the template in Ai

I'm assuming you are on a PC

1. open the template ai. file with the single card layout
2. click and drag a selection around all of the elements and press Ctrl+G to group them (if it's not allready grouped)
3. press Ctrl+C to copy to the clipboard
4. open a new file in Illustrator with the prefered paper size (I'll assume A/4)
5. press Ctrl+V to paste the single template into the new file
6. select the group and while holding down the Alt key drag. This will make an identical copy of the group
offset by the drag.
7. repeat this until you have enough copies (9) of the templates, then arrange them on the page
6. you can eyeball it manually, or you could use the align tools, or guides to line up the elements neatly

Use the online or built-in HELP files to get an idea, of how the guides and/or the align tools work, just spend some time trying what each function does

help files for CS3 -
help files for CS4 -

You can also download these as PDF-s for offline use.

Good luck

Joined: 05/21/2009
Many thanks for this reply!

Many thanks for this reply! This is a great help!

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