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Card Workshop #3 Discovering an Old Flame...

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Stone Golem Tile

Here is a quick look at a tile from my long lost game Battle of the Aces.

This game has gone through so many versions its almost sickening! But over the past few weeks I have rid the game of the old systems fall backs and reinstated them with an intuitive design (simple and effective).

Again, this is a prototype and it will not be made into an actual tile but the final product will look something like a CTG (Collectible Tile Game). The game is designed to give each unit/tile very simple but unique designs that forces the player to think critically and develop a relationship with his/hers deck/tiles.

For a quick game overview, the game plays like a Summoner Wars/Stratego/Hearthstone type conglomerate. You cast your tile and move them around the 4x8 board (32 spaces), killing enemy tiles to gather enough points to reach to 20 before your opponent (rather than killing your opponent).

Each card will have a Point Value (gained when card is killed) seen at the top left of the card. Combat Value which ranges from 1-7. Higher combat values can kill lower values when a player uses an action to attack another card in the way you would remove a chess piece, by landing on its position. This value is seen at the top right. The Attributes are what make the tile unique. A tile can have abilities, hindrances and characteristics: abilities being unique scenarios or actions that can be performed that are beneficial, hindrances being the same as abilities but negative, and characteristics show things like +1 Armor, +1 Retaliation, +1 Speed etc... These are shown bellow the art. Mobility is where the tile can move when using an action to move. The arrows can either be red or blue: blue meaning the standard movement and red meaning areas of attack (which also assumes movement). This is shown next to the art on the right.

Decks are created before the game and are composed of 2 copies of a card in each of the Combat Values (1-7). 2 copies of one card with a Combat Value of 1, 2 copies of one card with a combat value of 2, 2 copies of one card with a combat value of 3... and so on. You will also pick an Ace character which will also have two copies. The Aces job is to kill the 7 Combat Value unit but can be killed by everything. Your deck will be composed of 16 tiles.

On a given turn you may partake in ***two actions:

Move a tile
Cast a tile
Draw a tile
***Increase power
Use an ability(that needs to be activated)

***These are developmental ideas. Adding more variability. Right now tiles cost nothing and can be casted for only one action. Balancing usually is seen through abilities (poor combat value = incredible ability, good combat value = horrible hindrance). If this system proves to be adequate, I will move towards a design that incorporates a Power Cost for tiles in order to increase balancing flexibility. Also the current design only allows One action per turn.

Let me know what you think. PNP version is in the making. Thank you for being a great community!

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looks cool, I'm up for play

looks cool, I'm up for play testing it when you're ready

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All caps = sans serif font

The art looks great. Your mobility icon was clear. And I like the colors.


When you write in all caps (or small caps as you've done), you should ALWAYS use a sans serif font. In a serif font, all the serifs on the tops and bottoms of all the capital letters become the prominent feature, making just a double line of serifs that are much harder to read than if they aren't there.

Try displaying the same thing in two fonts, monkeying with the sizes until they both have about the same "weight." (Note that a 12pt serif font in all caps will usually feel heavier than a 12pt sans serif font in all caps.) Then back away from your computer until you can only read one of them. I guarantee that it will be the sans serif one that you can still read.

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More Cards

I have developed an entire deck. The rules and PnP are found Here

The tiles were actually pretty balanced. I may decide to increase the amount of tiles just for an increased replay value but I'm not entirely sure yet...

Thanks guys.

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